This is How to Speak to Somebody Who Has an Addiction

By 05 March 2021

Nobody automatically knows how to speak to somebody with an addiction, whether that is a drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction. It is just something that does not come naturally to us. It is always a difficult thing to do because addicts are often confused. However, there are ways of communicating that are better than others. We work with online casinos and teach them how to train their customer support members so that they can communicate better with addicts. Below you can find some tips about the best way to speak to those with an addiction.

Always Be Kind

When you are dealing with an addict, then you should always act with compassion and kindness. This really is the golden secret to interacting with someone that has an addiction. Being addicted to something is highly stigmatized in society, so much so that those who have them expect to be insulted, criticized, and belittled by those around them. Whether your compassion is genuine or not, an addict is more likely going to speak to you about their issues if they believe that you are not going to criticize or judge them.

Listen to What They Have to Say

People with an addiction love to speak, but a lot of the time the person that they are speaking to will not let them finish what they want to say and will jump in with comments that only make the situation worse. When you are speaking to someone with an addiction, let them finish everything that they need to say before you start to interject. This might mean that you will have to sit there and listen for quite some period of time, but it will help you out in the long run as they will probably be more willing to then sit there and listen to what you have to say.

Always Be Consistent

Addicts are confused at the best of times, so you need to make sure that you do not make them even more confused by being inconsistent with what you say. Always be clear and consistent with what you say and if you think that the person you are talking to has got conflicted messages take the time to explain yourself to them again.

Let Them Know That You Are There for Them

Addicts will often feel like they are along in the world, so when you are finishing up your conversation with them, do not forget to let them know that you are here to talk to them whenever they feel like they need to have a chat with someone. This might not seem like much to you, but it is a king gesture that will mean the world to someone with an addiction. It is a gesture that could go a long way to helping them dig themselves out of the hole that they have gotten themselves into.